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WebsiteOS Help

Using WebsiteOS Return to Help menu

Managing your website
Accessing your account
Logging off the system
Using the History bar
Using the Run box
Finding an application

Managing your website

WebsiteOS is a browser based application that allows you to manage many aspects of your website.

Using WebsiteOS, you can:
  • Generate usage statistics
  • Promote your website
  • Manage your files on the server
  • Setup your own ad server
  • Add and remove FrontPage extensions
  • Enable ASP and ColdFusion
  • Analyze your website's structure and integrity
  • Manage server logs
  • Secure sections of your website
  • Configure and install common CGI scripts
  • Check the status of the web server
  • Send feedback about WebsiteOS
  • Monitor your disk usage and bandwidth
  • Manage your MySQL database
  • Set up a private or generic SSL certificate on your domain
  • Create a website using EasySiteWizard
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Accessing your account

To access WebsiteOS, connect to the URL

Enter your domain as your username and the hosting password that you created at the time of initial purchase of your hosting account in the login box. Click the "Login" button to enter WebsiteOS.

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Logging off the system

When you are ready to leave your administration session, click the "Logout" option. This will log you out of your session.

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Using the History bar

The History bar contains links to the applications you accessed most recently. Click on a link for immediate access to the application.

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Using the Run box

If you know the name of the application you are looking for, type in the first few letters in the text box, and press "Tab." The Run box will complete the name of the application for you. Finally, click the "Run" button or press "Enter" to open the application.

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Finding an application

To open an application, click on the appropriate category in the main menu. An application menu will open. To open an application, click on its name.

Please note that you may not have access to applications that are not included in your package. The applications are categorized as shown below:

- EasyStoreMaker Basic
- EasyStoreMaker Pro
- Ad Manager

Site Builders
- ASP/CFM Enabler
- FrontPage Manager
- EasySiteWizard

- FTP Manager
- Website Security
- SSL Manager

- Disk Usage
- Log Manager
- Web Stats

Website Management
- DB Manager
- File Manager
- File Restore
- Site Checker
- Site Promoter

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